Sustainability at Friendly Goods

A view of the cardboard box that will be shipped including Friendly Goods Products

Environmentally Driven

At Friendly Goods Company, our commitment to being low impact runs deep. From carbon-neutral shipping to supporting environmental nonprofits, you can rest assured that your friendly bodycare supplier is making every effort to reduce its impact on our environment.

Our commitment to building a low impact brand draws its inspiration directly from our home–Chestertown, a small rural town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Known for its scenic waterways, unspoiled nature, and clean air, the Eastern Shore provides a bucolic backdrop where it’s extremely easy to see manmade trash’s impact on our landscape.

From the start, we knew Friendly Goods Company would be built with an environmentally driven focus. Not only do we gain inspiration from our surroundings, but our co-founder, Sam Shoge, finally has the chance to put that B.A. in Environmental Studies to use! 😅

Low Waste Friendly Goods Co. Products

Our environmentally driven focus is put into action with our focus on creating body care products that produce as little waste as possible. The beauty industry is a major contributor to plastic waste, and we seek to change this practice. As such, we package our lotions and shampoo and conditioner bars in aluminum containers as this material can easily be recycled for new purposes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average rate of recycling for aluminum is about 35%, compared to only 9% for plastics.


Low Waste Friendly Plastic-Free Shipping Materials

Each Friendly Goods order is diligently packed with plastic-free shipping materials. Instead of traditional plastic shipping products such as plastic mailers or styrofoam void-fillers, we use recyclable boxes, envelopes, and paper wrap. Additionally, we take the extra step to use paper-based tape that does not contain plastic fibers in our shipping boxes. From start to finish, we’ve considered every way to reduce our environmental impact and protect our planet.

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Supporting Environmental Nonprofits

We’re proud members of 1% For the Planet, a global organization whose member businesses  contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes to protect the environment.

Through 1% For the Planet, we’re channeling our contributions to ShoreRivers, a nonprofit that protects and restores waterways in our home region through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education. Our co-founder, Sam, also spent time as a volunteer collecting and testing water quality samples from the Chester River watershed and served on an advisory board.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Coming Soon
Friends ordering from our website have the ability to offset the carbon footprint associated with getting their package delivered to their door. Contributed funds are then directed to projects globally that are actively protecting the environment and sequestering carbon. Another service we are proud to offer our friends to further reduce our impact and deliver peace of mind.

Supporting Friendly Goods Company

At Friendly Goods Company, we’re the first to admit that we still have a lot of work to do. While we have made great strides by choosing packaging that is more readily recycled, we’re still working to eliminate plastic from some of our products. Some of our shipping materials use virgin materials rather than recycled material. There are several tweaks and adjustments we can make to lower our impact on the environment.

And we plan on making all of those adjustments.

As a business in the body care industry, it is challenging to operate with 100% sustainable practices. However, we are committed to the process of achieving this goal–and we can’t do it without you.