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Sam and DeLia, Founders, holding Goat MIlk Soap bars up to the camera while they are out of focus in the background

One Year of Friendly Goods

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Friends, it’s hard to believe we’ve officially been open for business for one year!

DeLia and I cannot thank you enough for not only supporting our small business by purchasing our products, but also stopping us in the streets and expressing how much you love everything!

Prior to launching Friendly Goods Company, we spent more than two years learning everything we could about handcrafting body care products and the ingredients used throughout the process. 

We did test upon test, experiment upon experiment, and made A LOT of mistakes 😅.

When we launched, we had a really good feeling that people would like what we had curated.

What we were not expecting was the sheer PASSION our friends would end up having for our products and our little brand. 

As I was purchasing pies from our friend who is a local vendor at the market, she just had to interject and tell me (again) how much she’s loving our soap. My spirit was so lifted after that conversation as it validated all of the hard work and intentionality we put into this business on a regular basis.

In addition to the positive feedback we’ve been receiving, another incredibly motivating thing to see is what DeLia and I call “Friendly Goods in the wild.” Visiting friends’ homes and seeing our lotion next to their bathroom or kitchen sink. Watching friends apply Friendly Goods lip balm to their lips forgetting we are actually the ones behind the little tube they pulled out of their pocket or purse. 

The best and most validating experience of all this past year, however, has been seeing repeat customers order our products (we are still a teeny-tiny business so we definitely recognize repeat names when the order is uploaded to our shipping software).

When you order something multiple times, there really is no denying that you do in fact love the product.

So when we say thank you, we REALLY mean it. This first year has been full of so much joy and validation and it’s because you’ve taken the time to purchase our products multiple times, stop us in the streets and say you love everything, and engage with our social media posts.

We are so grateful for your support and ask for it again as we enter year 2!

Your friendly soap maker,


We're Friendly Goods Co.

We started Friendly Goods wanting to honor our commitment to making artisanal soaps and other body care products with ingredients anybody could pronounce. To create a business rooted in our community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, one that gave back to the people and economy of our small town—and the beautiful Chesapeake landscape around us.

Every goat milk soap, lotion you purchase supports our dream and gives back to our charming town. 

Our Starter Pack is the best way to get the full Friendly Goods experience. Enjoy one of each product we make and fall in love with bodycare down right.

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