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Soap + Lotion Bundle



Discover the ultimate skincare duo with our Goat Milk Bar Soap and Lotion Combo Set. Experience the gentle touch of goat milk’s natural nourishment in our creamy soap, leaving your skin soft and refreshed. Then, quench your skin’s thirst with our lightweight goat milk lotion, packed with vitamins for a healthy, radiant look. Treat yourself or a loved one to this wholesome set – your skin will thank you!


Discover the perfect combo for skin that feels amazing – our Goat Milk Soap Bar and Goat Milk Lotion Bundle. Save big with a 15% discount when you grab this dynamic duo.

Inside the bundle:

  1. Goat Milk Soap Bar: Pamper your skin with our gentle Goat Milk Soap. It’s a creamy, moisture-locking cleanse that suits everyone, even sensitive skin. Feel refreshed and silky smooth every time you use it.
  2. Goat Milk Lotion: Treat your skin to deep hydration with our Goat Milk Lotion. This non-greasy formula blends the goodness of goat milk and moisturizers to revive dry or damaged skin. Get that healthy glow back!

Get the most out of goat milk’s natural goodness by getting both of these products. And, save a cool 15% while you’re at it. Order the Goat Milk Soap Bar and Goat Milk Lotion Bundle today for skin that’s nourished, happy, and wallet-friendly!

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